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The Search for True Science. The search for good / true science is a difficult one to master for anyone because of personal worldviews. Technically, there should be no ‘creation science’ or ‘evolution science’. There should be only good science which goes where the evidence leads. The fact that such factions exist show there is more to this topic politically and socially than first meets the eye. It is only because Creation is outright rejected without due consideration by secular science that ‘creation science’ had to form. It often goes unnoticed that the data and evidence discovered in science fits the Model of Created Kinds far better than the Model of Evolution.

Understanding the Creation and Evolution Debate

Are Creationists Against Science? Groups that support Evolutionism will often make a claim similar to ‘Creationists deny science’. What usually follows such a statement is a number of logical fallacies which misrepresent both Creation and Evolution. This misrepresentation hinders the scientific process and the ability to truly learn about the universe, our world, and life itself.

The Battle to Defend Scripture in Science. One of the most fundamental battles in life is for the authority of Scripture, the Creator’s word to mankind. It is a fight against attacks from theological, scientific, and secular sources. This battle comes on many fronts, and a coordinated effort by League members can help spread the Word in many ways.

The Legion of Chance: Recognizing the Enemy. In most battles, it is usually easy to distinguish who is on the side of good and who is on the side of evil. Within a battle, being able to recognize the enemy is important.

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