The Search for True Science

The search for good / true science is a difficult one to master for anyone because of personal worldviews. Technically, there should be no ‘creation science’ or ‘evolution science’. There should be only good science which goes where the evidence leads. The fact that such factions exist show there is more to this topic politically and socially than first meets the eye. It is only because Creation is outright rejected without due consideration by secular science that ‘creation science’ had to form. It often goes unnoticed that the data and evidence discovered in science fits the Model of Created Kinds far better than the Model of Evolution.

It has been said that if one allows Creation Science into the schools, then all kinds of other things must also be allowed in. One example often mentioned is the concept that life on Earth was seeded by space aliens. This is false! If the goal is to teach science, then one teaches from evidence. There is a tremendous amount of evidence to support the concepts of Creation. If space aliens seeding life are to make it into the classroom, those supporting such an idea would first have to find some type of evidence. If they are unable to do so, the topic will not be presented. One does not include ideas simply because they exist. Instead, good science follows the evidence.

In order to pursue truth, one must have many of the same qualities of the warrior. It requires focus and training. It requires congering the enemies of fear and pride. It can be humbling to follow the evidence where it leads, especially when it does not go where one expects/wants it to go. Good science should not be subject to a popular vote – it should follow the evidence.

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