Understanding the Creation and Evolution Debate

The Battle to Defend Scripture in Science

One of the most fundamental battles in life is for the authority of Scripture, the Creator’s word to mankind. It is a fight against attacks from theological, scientific, and secular sources. This battle comes on many fronts, and a coordinated effort by League members can help spread the Word in many ways.

Are Creationists Against Science?

Groups that support Evolutionism will often make a claim similar to ‘Creationists deny science’. What usually follows such a statement is a number of logical fallacies which misrepresent both Creation and Evolution. This misrepresentation hinders the scientific process and the ability to truly learn about the universe, our world, and life itself.

The Legion of Chance – Recognizing the Enemy

Those who are active and strong supporters of Evolutionism I now call the Legion of Chance. I use Legion because they are many. I use chance because they believe that by some astronomically small chance the physical universe developed from some quantum foam (or other similar process), that by some miniscule chance the first self-replicating protein molecule formed life, and that by billions of unlikely chances beneficial mutations made life more complex until it is what we see today. The Legion of Chance depends entirely on chance and the quickly increasing number of billions of years needed for those chances to take place.

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