Defending Believers from Evolution

When one comes down to basics, there is no direct need for understanding creation in science for the believer. Faith is what is required of the believer and the beliver has far more than enough evidence of the truth of Scripture by what our Master has done in our lives, the effectiveness of prayer, and the many other blessings and miracles that occur. Yes, there may be curiosity about how His creation works, but it is not needed for faith. Scientific research is not about trying to prove Scripture or strengthen our faith even though it can do both.

Yet, a need for understanding creation in science has arisen. It is because Evolutionism has attacked. It is a concept with a surprisingly large amount of destructive power because it brings the authority and veracity of Scripture into question and doubt. This has put believers on the defense just as any attack will do. The research being done in Baraminology is one of works being done to defend the believer from the attacks of Evolutionism and show the believer that Creationism is true and has much evidence while Evolutionism has many flaws and assumptions.

When there is a war, it is often easy to distinguish which side would be considered good (right) and which side would be considered evil (wrong). The simplicity of it comes in seeing who is attacking and who is defending. Those who are righteous will work hard to find the right / lawful / correct solution to a situation or disagreement. But evil will attack and fight and try to take what does not belong to it. This is true in the physical battles of the world between nations and it is true of the spiritual battles that go on between good and evil. The enemy always comes to attack and destroy.

The tactics of each side are also quite telling. Good will be limited in their weapons because they will (should) only do what is righteous. But the evil enemy can have many more weapons (powerful weapons) like lying and stealing. This is not an accident. It is purposeful deceit and a method of controlling the situation or people. The primary defense against such attacks is knowing the truth.

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