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The Creation Science League exists to give support to the Sabbath Keeping community who believe in creation. It is an all volunteer group: It is not a business, corporation, or organization. It is supported by donations; of which 100% goes to the costs of Creation Science League projects and maintaining a website. Membership is demonstrated by participation with no dues or fees expected from members.

Membership Levels

Active Member

Active Members are scientists, researchers, and writers who participate in CSL projects or donate materials to the website. Due to participation, these members will be highly visible on the website.

Associate Member

Associate Members are scientists and non-scientists who want to support the Creation Science League behind the scenes, but do not actively participate in any visible projects. Any active member who has not participated in the past year will also be placed here. These members will be significantly less visible than active members.

Anonymous Member

Anonymous Members are those who want to participate while at the same time protect themselves from religious persecution. All contributions by these members will collectively be presented publicly under the pen-name (pseudonym) of William MacIntosh.

Membership Requirements

Denominational and doctrinal considerations will not effect membership beyond three basic requirements:

  • Acceptance of the Messiah as Savior
  • Acceptance of a literal Creation event
  • Acceptance of the seventh day Sabbath
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    Do you have a desire to help battle the fallacy of Evolution? Are you familiar with science, graphic arts, computer programs, or other useful skills? Do you desire to share Creationism in your local area? If so, the Creation Science League can use your help to Defend Scripture from attacks in Science.


    CSL Goals

  • Participate in the battle of good and evil by taking a stand against evolution’s attack against creation.
  • Working together as a group to do more than any one person could do alone.
  • Gather together individuals and organizations that are actively involved in defending the Scriptural account of Creation against the fallacy of evolution.
  • Provide opportunities for members of the Creation Science League to share and distribute written, audio, or video messages to believers and to the general public.
  • To promote the use of well researched and studied scientific support for Creationism while discouraging the use of suspicious, inaccurate, or poor quality data.
  • Membership Requirements

  • The Creation Science League is not a formal business, corporation, or organization.
  • Membership is demonstrated simply by participation and is completely voluntary.
  • There are no dues or fees.
  • Denominational and doctrinal considerations will not effect membership beyond two basic requirements: First, the acceptance of the Messiah as Savior. Second, the acceptance of a literal creation event.
  • Membership Levels

    As the Creation Science League grows, it is quickly becoming apparent that having membership levels would be quite useful. Some members are helping the League while many others are members in name only. All membership levels remain free with no dues or fees expected. However, the more active a member is with the league, the more prominently their name, profile, and products will appear online or in our Creation Science Kits. The membership levels are:


    for those who work on CSL group projects or donate materials to the website or kits.


    for those who join the CSL and do not contribute to projects and kits or those who have not been active for at least 12 months.


    for those members who would rather avoid possible persecution at work or in the home. Anonymous works will be produced under a pseudonym.

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