Creation Science League Individual Members

David Rives
As president of David Rives Ministries, as well as a popular author, lecturer, and recording artist, David Rives has gained a reputation for his bold and unapologetic biblical worldview as he travels the world combining the wonders of science with the clear gospel message.
Ian Juby
Ian Juby is the president of Citizens for Origins Research and Education of Ottawa and director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada.
Kally Lyn Horn
Kally is the Project Manager and go-to contact for The Creation Club, a website which she has been working with David Rives Ministries to develop, to give people a platform to learn and share about Biblical Creation. With attention to details, and a driven personality, Kally is passionate about getting the Creation message to the world, whether it be through writing, photography, or ministry work.
Russ Miller
Russ Miller formed the Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries.
Todd Elder
Todd Elder is owner of the Exploring Creation website, coordinator of the Creation Science League, and founder of the Encouraging Life Children’s Mission. He is currently authoring the Elder’s Model of Creation series and doing research in the field of Baraminology.
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor is the director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum.
Bill Morgan
I teach free lessons on Creation vs. Evolution and will be glad to answer any questions you may have on the subject.
Stan Lutz
Stan Lutz has been interested in reconciling the Bible with science for most of his life, and is in the process of developing a creation museum.
Norm Edwards
Works in independent Christian ministries involving much Bible study and writing and speaking to a variety of groups.
Allen Dunckley
Dr. Allen Dunckley is the founder and director of Beginning with Genesis Ministries for 13 years.
Tony Breedon
Rev Tony Breeden is a Creation speaker/artist/writer/vocalist and founder of Defending Genesis.
Sal Giardina
Sal Giardina is the founder of New Creation Ministries and author of “In the Beginning … God or Dirt?”.
John Cimbala
I speak often at churches and campus ministries about the evidences for creation.
Joshua Joscelyn
Joshua Joscelyn writes on a variety of topics, including creation.
Trevor Holt
Trevor Holt works on the creation and evolution debate in Australia.
Derald Causey
Derald Causey is an artist, writer, and researcher of the biological sciences. He is working on an illustrated two-volume book series that includes the science of creation and the antediluvian world.

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