Creation Science League Member Organizations

Mount Blanco Fossil Museum
The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is a scientific and educational institution dedicated to a correct interpretation of Earth history and fossil remains. Operated by Joe Taylor.
Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries
We don’t tell people what to think; rather, we present the facts from science and the Bible, then through The Holy Spirit, those with ears to hear will hear, and those with eyes to see will see. Operated by Russ Miller.
Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
The Kolbe Center aims to equip Catholic evangelists with a decisive advantage in the third millennium by rooting their apologetics in the true Catholic doctrine of creation, supported by sound arguments from theology, philosophy and natural science.
Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh
The CSF of Pittsburgh is a non-profit organization engaged in the scientific and religious aspects of the creation / evolution controversy. It hosts the International Conference on Creationism.
Center for Origins Research and Education
The Center for Origins Research and Education (CORE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education in the areas of creation, origins of life and earth sciences.
San Antonio Bible Based Science Association
The San Antonio Bible Based Science Association is a local Christian Fellowship meeting the second Tuesday of each month.

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