Creation Science League Volunteer Projects

One of the main goals of the Creation Science League is to provide free resources to creationists. Members of the League can work together, as a group, to do more than any one person could do alone. With this in mind, the following are long-term projects that are being built up and hopefully will become a useful resource over time. If you would like to help with these projects, please consider joining the League.

Creation and Evolution Debate Pamphlets

Another new project to get Creation information out to others is the new Pamphlet Project. It is hoped that a big series of pamphlets on various topics of Creationism or the Creation and Evolution Debate can be made by members and then made freely available to others. If you can help with this project, please contact us for details.

Creation Science Poster Museum

It is hoped that a large series of posters can be created by league participants. These posters will be distributed as a set across the United States and other nations as able. Getting the general public’s interest and informing them about the science of Creation and the fallacy of Evolution is the goal.

Creation Science Kits

Towards the end of making materials freely available, we are now developing a Creation Science Kit which will include member books, DVDs, pamphlets, etc. which can be requested by individuals and sent to them.

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