Creation Science Poster Museum

The goal of the Creation Science League is to freely share an understanding of creation in science and Scripture. The main project in accomplishing this goal is the Creation Science Poster Display. It is hoped that a large series of posters can be created by league participants. These posters will be distributed as a set across the United States and other nations as able. It is hoped that these Poster Display sets can be placed in businesses, libraries, hospitals, restaurants, or other public locations that local creationists can find. Getting the general public’s interest and informing them about the science of Creation and the fallacy of evolution is the goal.

All work for the league is on a voluntary basis. Each individual can create as few or as many posters as desired. The topics of the posters can include the physical, earth, or biological sciences as well as themes of creation as found in Scripture. Posters should follow the same Guidelines as regular CSL messages.

If interested in participating with this project, please contact for more detailed instructions. Thank you.

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