Creation Science Kits


One of the main goals of the Creation Science League is to freely share information about Creationism with those who need it. Toward this end, we want to put together Creation Science Kits that contain books, DVDs, and related supplies which can be given freely to individuals, groups, and organizations.

How Can I Help?

  • Joining the League and help make materials to give away.
  • Make a donation to our GoFundMe page so others can receive the following Science Kits freely.
  • if you can afford to buy these materials, please show your support to the hard working individuals who have made these items by following the links below and allow the free resources to be saved for those who truly cannot afford it.

Individual Kit


At this time we are offering the Creationist Notebook to those individuals who request it. We hope that in the future we will have the funding to be able to offer more items to individuals.

Creationist Notebook
The ‘Creationist Notebook’ is designed as a reference guide and notebook to aid in the personal study of Creationism. It contains an outline of many topics which support scientific creationism including the scriptural basis for Creationism, the scientific evidence for a young Earth, and the worldviews formed by Creationism and Evolutionism. It also contains lists of books, DVDs, and websites which act as recommended resources and materials for continued learning about individual topics and creation in general.

Group Kit

The Creation Science Group Kit is given to groups and organizations such as youth groups, creation science clubs, and church school classes where many people will be reached. The Group Kit currently includes:


The Complete Creation
A 12 DVD set by Ian Juby. An exhaustive look at the creation/evolution debate, including a 1 hour children’s presentation.


The Darwinian Delusion
A 3 DVD set by Russ Miller. The Darwinian Delusion DVD Series includes: The Theft of America’s Christian Heritage, Science vs. Darwinism in the Textbooks, and Public Education Menticide.


Created Kinds
As the second volume in the Elder’s Model of Creation series, “Created Kinds” explores one of the core concepts of life. Who is the Creator? How is man different than the plants and animals? How can the amazing variety of animals we see today be explained through the concepts of Creationism and Baraminology? These questions are examined by looking at Scripture with an emphasis on the original Hebrew wording to clarify the basic concepts surrounding created kinds. As these questions are answered, the value and significance of life becomes clearer, encouraging a person to build a closer relationship with Our Creator.


In the Beginning … God or Dirt
This book will enable many people of diverse educational backgrounds to understand that the information explosion provided by current technology is constantly yielding scientific evidence in support of the Bible’s account of creation. Theories concerning evolution and long ages of the earth are often represented by the popular media as contradicting scripture, however, the rapidly accumulating evidence is exposing their lack of scientific merit. The author has presented the subject matter pertaining to origins in a readily understandable manner, encouraging the reader to make his own conclusions from the simplicity of the overwhelming evidence.
Creationist Notebook
A copy for each person in the group.

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